Saturday, February 20, 2010

February: Daryn & Shane, TX

->What is your favorite part of fowl hunting? Daryn: Watching the birds work & My pup Avery enjoying the life!!

Shane: The camaraderie & Sunrises.

->What is your strongest hunting quality?

Daryn: I'm very avid & always ready to go!!

Shane: Knowing how to scout!

->What is your favorite piece of gear?

Daryn: I have two.... Of course my Berretta Extrema II & Maddog Ducks Unlimited 1200 thins. waders!

Shane: Winchester SuperX Magnum

->What is the biggest sacrifice you have made to go hunting?

Daryn: Leaving my beautiful wife & 6mth old little boy.

Shane: Lots of Lonely Girls!!

->What is your best piece of hunting advice?

Daryn: Be patient, don't stay on the call.. Sometimes less is best.

Shane: Three words... Scout Scout and Scout

*Our most valuable piece of advice... Shoot at the heads... And call at the tails!!