Sunday, July 4, 2010

July: Brad Trainer, PA

July 2010 Featured Team Member
Brad Trainer

->What is your favorite part of fowl hunting?
Brad: My favorite part about fowl hunting is the way that waterfowl is hunted. There isn't too many animals that you can hunt and be able to chat, eat, and enjoy the outdoors right next to a few of you best buddies. Being able to share the same experience on any given morning with close friends or family is my favorite part about it.

->What is your strongest hunting quality?
Brad: My strongest quality that has to do with hunting is the general enjoyment i get during the preparation of a good hunt. The scouting, packing the trailer, getting equipment ready, etc. is something i enjoy so it doesn't ever seem like work to me. However, during the hunt my strongest quality would probably be calling ducks and geese.

->What is your favorite piece of gear?
Brad: My favorite piece of gear would be my Benelli shotgun. I have used that gun for everything from an oar to a prop to pull myself up a bank...and it has never failed me. An amazing hunt can be ruined by the failure of a gun, so i believe that having the most reliable gun you can is essential.

->What is the biggest sacrifice you have made to go hunting?
Brad: I am getting married next year so, ask me this question in another year and i might have a better answer. However, to date, I would have to say that the biggest sacrifice i have made for hunting was seven hours after my son was born i was sitting in my layout blind waiting for the birds. (I did get my fiance's permission though!)

->What is your best piece of hunting advice?
Brad: The best advice I can give is to be an ethical and respectable hunter. Unfortunatly, hunting fowl isn't a right, so treat the land, fowl, and sport with the utmost respect and raise our youth to do the same. Hopefully this sport we all love will still be available for our future generations to enjoy.

->What is your favorite part about Duck Junkies?
Brad: What I love about Duck Junkies is the interaction you can have with so many different people that have the same passion i have about hunting. It's awesome to be able to establish friendships with people all over the country and share different hunting stories. Not to mention the amount of useful information you can exchange on this site thanks to the hard work that Ryan and Sarah have put into it.

-> Who got me started in waterfowl hunting?
Brad: My father is the person who got me interested in waterfowl hunting, and hunting in general. Soon after i got my first hunting license, my dad took me on a duck hunt Thanksgiving morning on a creek a few miles from home. He let me do all the shooting, and I missed everytime. That is what started the obsession and a few years after that I saw a video of two guys goose hunting in a field and I was instantly hooked.

Being a member of the Duck Junkies Prostaff has been a great privilage for me. It is great to be able to represent a company that has such a huge desire to succeed and deliver an incredible website for others to benefit from.