Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April: Cade Patton, TN

->What is the biggest sacrifice you have made to go hunting?

Cade: When I was a freshman in high school my mom told me I could not hunt the last weekend of the season. So Friday night I snuck out to my best friend’s house and we went to Arkansas for the weekend! I ended up grounded until the first of April -just in time for Turkey season! There was also a girl that said “if you go hunting instead of staying here with me I will break up with you”. I haven't spoken to her in 2 years! (Kind of heartless but the girls that date me have to realize nothing comes in between Cade Patton and duck hunting!)

->What is your favorite part of fowl hunting?

Cade: Watching the ducks work, and being with friends. To me there is nothing better then watching a group of mallards comes feet first into your decoys!

->What is your strongest hunting quality?

Cade: I would have to say my shooting but my calling also helps that. You have to at least get them close enough the gun can do its business and the closer the better!

->What is your favorite piece of gear?

Cade: My gun! Remington 870 super mag synthetic has lasted 10 years without a problem to date! I also shoot competitively during the summer which adds another 2000-3000 rounds to what i shoot in duck season. It is the best!

->What is your best piece of hunting advice?

Cade: Try, try again. You can't always kill them all but as long as you keep at it you can have fun! For 16 years I’ve hunted everyday I possibly can and it becomes more and more fun as i get older.

->What is your favorite part about Duck Junkies?

Cade: The staff members. Where else can you go to a website and ask a question and more than likely get an answer the next day? Best part is you don't even have to pay a penny to get your questions answered! The competition is far behind us here at Duck Junkies!

I would like to thank Ryan and Sarah Marrinan for all of their hard work going into Duck Junkies, the waterfowl hunting world is better off now with all of their dedication! The pro-staff as well I know I would not go back to a site if it wasn't helpful but the pro-staff here make even a new hunter feel welcome!