Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August: Wade Calk, TX

August 2010 FeaturedTeam Member
Wade Calk

->What is your favorite part of fowl hunting?
Wade: Shooting birds is always fun but my favorite part is watching the world "wake up" from a duck blind. I travel for work in excess of 200 days a year so those mornings really mean a lot to me.

->What is your strongest hunting quality?

Wade: Being able to help others be successful. I really enjoy it when people get in touch with me needing advice on where to hunt, what gear they need, hunting regulations, or anything of the sort and

I'm able to pull it all together and find the information they need.

->What is your best piece of hunting advice?

Wade: Be safe!! Having fun is what we're all here for, but all the birds in the world aren't worth losing a friend to a senseless mistake. Show the kids how to do it right!!!

->What is your favorite piece of gear (not the most necessary)?

Wade: I have a beautiful double reed call that fellow Junkie Robert A made that is my absolute favorite. He's been blessed with a great talent and that call is going to be the last thing a few ducks ever hear!!

->What is the biggest sacrifice you have made to go hunting?

Wade: I don't hunt on Sundays. I've missed out on some really good hunts and catch a lot of ribbing for it, but that's my day to be with the family and go to church.

->Who got you started in waterfowl hunting (Or how did you get started)?

Wade: I've hunted birds for a long time but my closest cousin Greg is the one who REALLY got me into waterfowling. We still hunt together as much as we can, wherever we can.

->What is your favorite part about Duck Junkies?

Wade: It's great how a bunch of complete strangers, who share a common interest, are willing to share tips and information to help each other out. The talent within the Pro Staff runs deep and I'm humbled to be included in that group. Duck Junkies has the potential to be huge and I want to be a part of it!

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